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The 11 Plus examination is taken by some school pupils in their last year of primary school to get into a grammar school of their choice.

It’s a highly competitive exam with pass rate in some areas of perhaps as low as 3 percent ranging to as high as 30 percent for Buckinghamshire where the grammar system has been retained in full.

There can be up to four different groupings used for the 11 Plus tests – Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English.

Our cards polishes children for English/Verbal and Maths (CEM, GL and others).

Mission Statement

We believe that learning can be made fun and exciting. If the material and techniques are refreshing, children will not shy away even from the most challenging subjects.

Being in the industry and having gone through the experience closely, we know how taxing the whole process of 11+ can be for children and parents. Our objective is to make the learning experience fun for both children & parents and to challenge & motivate young brains.

We deliver on that commitment by striving to create products that continue to inspire and enthuse children. We provide effective tools in preparationand revision for 11+ assuring a high score in their verbal and maths exams.

There is never an end to learning & as Benjamin Franklin rightly said- “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”


  • One stop shop – all fiction and non-fiction topics at one place.
  • Resource for regular reference & revision
  • Covers all tested content for 11+ exams and KS2 SATS
  • Tools and techniques to write vivid descriptions.
  • Examples & excerpts from the best authors for quick reference
  • Handy wordlists to avoid overused words.
  • Enclosed metal rings to take select cards with you for study on the go
  • Attractive pack with colourful pictures to engage the young minds and improve learning and retention.

Vocabulary Flash Cards

  • 200 high-frequency words that have appeared in recent 11+ papers
  • Each word meaning explained in child-friendly definition, used in a sentence, and lists synonyms / antonyms
  • Over 1300 words listed as synonyms & antonyms
  • Enclosed metal rings lets you take select cards with you for study on the go
  • Index cards to segregate mastered words and to-do words
  • Includes blank cards to compile your own flash cards

Mathematics Flash Cards

  • A structured approach to help illustrate and master complex mathematical concepts
  • Includes challenging questions to stimulate and motivate young brains
  • Covers all tested content for 11+ exams and KS2 SATS
  • Specially designed and proven techniques for an effective revision
  • Includes metal rings to take selected cards for study on the go
  • Index cards included to segregate mastered and to-do cards
  • Includes blank cards to compile your own flash cards


11+ & SATS: Fiction & Non-Fiction

RRP £20


Mathematics Flash Cards
2nd Edition

RRP £15


Combo Pack – Mathematics
2nd Edition
& Vocabulary Flash Cards

RRP £30


Vocabulary Flash Cards

RRP £15


Combo Pack – Vocabular Flash Cards and Fiction & Non-Fiction

RRP £35


Combo Pack – Vocabulary, Maths and Fiction & Non-Fiction

RRP £50


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«My son hated doing spelling & vocab especially because it was vast and we were not sure which words to do and where to draw a line. But this pack was concise, just what we needed to ease off the pressure. Making it more manageable, the end target was visible and hestopped running from it.»

«These cards are really good, explanation very elaborate yet simple. We enjoy doing it not only at home but also while travelling to classes, grocery, picnics etc.»

«We started doing these cards for 11+ but its benefiting not just my elder one but even the younger one has started showing interest in the new words. Not only is it giving them an edge over others for 11+ but also enhancing their creative writing grades by incorporating new and exciting words in their vocabulary.»

«For first time vocabulary is fun, not just for my daughter but for all of us as a family. Always a challenge as to who can remember the maximum synonyms!»


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